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#Actress #CharrulMalik, who is currently playing the role of #Russa in the shows #BhabhijiGharParHai and #HappuKiUltanPaltan, says that she loves being part of #comedyshows. The #journalist turned actress says that the atmosphere on the set is so #joyful all the time.

“Off late I’m shooting less for Happu Ki Ultan Paltan. So I’m more dedicated to Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai and the experience is wonderful because the character is the same in both the shows. It’s such a stress buster when you go on set. You keep laughing from start to end. So it’s a laugh riot and an extremely blissful experience,” she says.

Since she has debuted with comedy shows, there is often a belief that she will get stereotyped in the genre. However, she disagrees. “I don’t think so I’ll be slotted in comedy roles only because actors in today’s time are versatile and they’re doing a lot of things. I think you just grab the first offer or opportunity that you get at the start of your career. It’s different since I didn’t have to struggle and go through casting directors and give auditions, I’m taking it as a blessing in disguise that I didn’t go through that challenging phase and got through without even giving an audition. I think you start your journey with a very positive character and a positive show, I don’t think I’ll be slotted because I can see other actors are versatile and they’re doing a lot of things. I’m going with the flow,” she says.

She adds, “In fact Amma ji in our show is doing a show on Colors, Saavi ki Sawari. Her character is different from what she was playing here. That show is not a comedy show, it’s a daily soap and she’s doing great in it. Likewise, if you watch Saanand Verma, who is playing the character of Saxena, you can see him in a lot of movies, in different kinds of roles. You will get a lot of offers, I’m also getting a lot of them but I’m not taking up all the offers. So I don’t think it’s impossible for comedy actors to do daily soaps. An actor is an actor. In fact, at times it happens that a daily soap actor is not able to do comedy.”



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