Cardi B’s guilty plea ends a 2018 case involving fights in NYC clubs

On September 12, 2019, Cardi B performs at the Diamond Ball charity event in New York. The Grammy-winning rapper entered a guilty plea on Thursday in exchange for performing 15 days of community service, ending a lengthy legal process involving two fights that took place in New York City strip clubs.

Cardi B's guilty
Cardi B appears in court and enters a not guilty plea to the allegations of a fight in a New York nightclub.

Cardi B’s guilty – Long running legal case

THE NEW YORK Grammy-winning rapper Cardi B pleaded guilty on Thursday as part of an agreement that mandates that she carry out 15 days of community service in order to end a long-running legal case involving two fights that took place in New York City strip clubs.

As her case was ready to go to trial, the 29-year-old “WAP” singer agreed to a conditional release, saying in a statement that “being accountable for your acts is part of growing up and maturing.”

Cardi B entered a plea

Cardi B, a native of New York City whose real name is Belcalis Almanzar, entered a plea to two misdemeanor counts related to the fights in August 2018. Ten further counts, two of which were felonies, were dropped. Two further co-defendants entered guilty pleas.

Prosecutors claim that Cardi B and her group were attacking the staff of the Angels Strip Club in Flushing, Queens, over what appeared to be a personal issue.

In one altercation, while the group argued with the bartender, chairs, bottles, and hookah pipes were hurled. She had minor wounds, as did another employee.

Ms. Belcalis Almanzar and her two co-defendants have admitted guilt

Melinda Katz, the district attorney for Queens, declared in a statement that “no one is above the law.” “Ms. Belcalis Almanzar and her two co-defendants have admitted guilt and taken ownership of their crimes. The resolution, which calls for the proper community service, is acceptable to our office.”

Cardi B turned down a plea bargain in 2019 that would have granted her a conditional discharge. The two felony counts were included in an indictment that the prosecution obtained after presenting the case to a grand jury.

Cardi B as a positive example for her kids

Cardi B stated, “I’ve made some horrible decisions in my past that I am not afraid to face and own up to. I want to set a positive example for my two kids.”

She continued, “These times don’t define me or reflect who I am right now. “With my family and friends, I’m eager to get past this circumstance and return to what I love most—my music and my fans.”

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Reference – CBS New York news