Byju CEO’s townhall leaves employees with lingering questions, uncertainty

While discussing the company’s ongoing issues, Raveendran assured employees that the discussions with term loan B lenders were progressing positively, with promising developments expected in the coming weeks. Employees, however, claimed to be left with a continuing sense of uncertainty and a need for clarity regarding several crucial matters. Despite the CEO’s attempt to address concerns, questions about layoffs, salary hikes, incentives, and provident fund payments were not immediately answered, leaving employees in a state of ambiguity.

This lack of transparency contributed to frustration among the workforce, as they sought clear and concrete information regarding their employment and financial well-being. The absence of immediate responses to their pressing queries further intensified the employees’ apprehension about their future within the organisation.

Queries raised by employees during the town hall concerned potential layoffs, salary hikes, incentives, and provident fund payments. As a chat option was deactivated, their questions remained unanswered, leaving them needing more clarity on these crucial matters.

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