BJP After TMC Distances Itself From ‘Cash For Query’ Scandal

After Trinamool Congress (TMC) seemingly distanced itself from the ongoing “cash for query” scandal centering MP Mahua Moitra, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) said the Mamata Banerjee-led party’s silence on the matter appears to strengthen the allegations against Moitra. On Sunday, TMC state general secretary Kunal Ghosh said on Sunday his party had “nothing to say” and will not comment on the issue.

The Krishnanagar MP has been embroiled in the scandal after BJP MP Nishikant Dubey alleged that she took monetary favours from businessman Darshan Hiranandani in exchange of questions to be raised in the Parliament – a claim Moitra has denied.

‘Will not say a word’

Speaking to ANI on Sunday, Ghosh – without naming Moitra – said, “No comments. Regarding this issue, the All India Trinamool Congress will not say a word. We have nothing to say. The person may explain or answer the issue. We are observing the issue and gathering information, but we don’t want to comment now.”

Soon after Ghosh’s statement, BJP’s national spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla and the national convener of the BJP IT cell Amit Malviya took to X (formerly Twitter) asking why TMC has distanced itself from the Moitra issue.

‘Something to hide’

“TMC accepts Mahua Moitra has made serious breaches including giving her log in to be operated from foreign soil by a rival corporate entity in exchange for kickbacks?” Poonawalla asked in an X post, adding why has the TMC not yet sacked her.

Poonawalla also insinuated if TMC has “something to hide”. “Is the TMC afraid of taking this action because the party itself has something to hide? Perhaps people in the party knew or endorsed it?” he said.

Mamata Banerjee ‘abandoned’ Moitra

Malviya, on the other hand, said that it was not surprising that West Bengal Chief Minister Banerjee “abandoned” Moitra. Taking a shot at the TMC, he said that several leaders of the party have been in jail and Banerjee maintained “radio silence”.

“It is not surprising that Mamata Banerjee has abandoned Mahua Moitra. She will defend no one else but Abhishek Banerjee, who is no less delinquent,” Malviya said. “Several TMC leaders are in jail on serious corruption and criminal charges but Mamata Banerjee has maintained radio silence.”

Hiranandani’s affidavit

On Thursday, Hiranandani filed an affidavit stating that she provided her email ID as an MP for him to send her information and she could ask questions in the Parliament. He also alleged that Moitra sought “various favours” from him and he obliged to remain in her “close proximity” and “get her support”.

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