Amritpal & his aide escaped on a modified motorcycle; police suspect he may have crossed state borders

Police said Amritpal Singh was in a Mercedes 18 while he was being chased by the cops in Jalandhar on March 18. Later, he got down from the Mercedes and fled to Shahkot in a Brezza. Amritpal changed his clothes inside a gurudwara and escaped on a motorbike with one of his aides. Police suspect, he might have crossed the state borders.

The massive crackdown against Amritpal has entered the fourth day but he is still on the run. His uncle and two other aides were flown to Assam after they surrendered before the police. His other four associates were also taken to Dibrugarh Central jail.

Police claimed over 100 associates of Amritpal have been arrested and several arms and ammunition meant for the “Anandpur Khalsa Front” were seized.

Meanwhile, a team of Punjab police has questioned Amritpal Singh’s NRI wife. Her name has allegedly figured in garnering funds from foreign shores, said police.

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