17-Year-Old Bajrang Dal Worker Dies After Fatal Collision With Stray Bulls Fighting In Kanpur

UP Shocker: 17-Year-Old Bajrang Dal Worker Dies After Fatal Collision With Stray Bulls Fighting In Kanpur |

UP: In a heart-wrenching incident in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, a 12th-grade student and local Bajrang Dal coordinator Prakhar Shukla lost his life due to a fight between two stray bulls. The incident occurred late on Thursday evening in the Panki police station area.

Prakhar, a resident of Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Nagar, was riding his scooter near a park with friends when they encountered two bulls engaged in a fight. One of the bulls leaped onto the road, colliding with Prakhar’s scooter and causing him to fall.

Prakhar’s family members revealed that he was rushed to the hospital immediately after the accident, but tragically, he was declared dead by doctors. The incident left his family and three sisters devastated. Prakhar, the only brother, had shared special moments with his sisters during festivals like Rakhi and Bhaiya Dooj. Now, their celebrations are marred by his absence.

Mayor’s Visit To The Grieving Family

Upon learning about the incident, Mayor Pramila Pandey expressed her intention to visit the grieving family, acknowledging the severity of the tragedy. However, the incident has sparked public outrage, with many questioning the city’s claim of being free from stray animals. Panki police station in-charge Ravindra Pratap Singh confirmed Prakhar’s demise, deepening concerns about the presence of stray animals endangering residents’ lives.

In the wake of this tragic incident, local MLA Amitabh Bajpai criticised the government, holding it accountable for the prevalence of stray animals on the roads. He pointed out that such incidents highlight the urgent need for effective measures to tackle the stray animal issue in Uttar Pradesh.

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