Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh

Udupi: Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday said that India has led the world on the issue of terrorism those countries who consider terrorism as their tool, also know that India can give a befitting reply.

“India has led the world on the issue of terrorism. The countries who consider terrorism as their tool know well that India does not unnecessarily tease any country, and it knows how to give a befitting reply to those who tease India,” said Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.

His remarks came while addressing the Convocation ceremony of the Manipal Academy of Higher Education in Udupi, Karnataka.

He also compared the start-up culture before 2014 and said, “Earlier there was no start-up ecosystem in the country, but in the last 7-8 years, the picture has changed. Before 2014, there were hardly a few hundred start-ups but today the number has crossed 70,000.” The Defence Minister also cited that the world now listens to India in big forums.

“I take pride in saying that India’s words are listened to carefully even in the big forums of the world today. India’s stature has increased in the world, and big countries pay attention to what India says on any issue,” he added.

He also recalled that there was a point when India used to be number one in scientific technology.

“The concept of zero was given to the world by India. The concept of Quadratic equation was also given by India,” he added.

The Defence Minister also called out ‘illiteracy’ as the major reason for poverty and unemployment “When I talk about education, I mean both theoretical and practical. We should not only have knowledge but also wisdom,” he added.

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