SC refuses to entertain pleas on two-child norm for controlling population

After the apex court said it was not inclined to entertain the plea, he withdrew it.

Besides his plea, the bench also refused to entertain some other petitions filed on the issue, prompting the advocates to withdraw them.

“How do we go into enacting a legislation?” the bench asked at the outset.

When Upadhyay argued his prayer was intended to press for a direction to the Law Commission to prepare a comprehensive report on the issue, the bench asked how can the commission prepare a report on population explosion.

The bench observed the issue raised was about the two-child norm and it was for the government to consider it.

It said the court cannot go into this as there are several social and family issues involved.

“This is for the government to do,” the bench said, asking, “Is this an issue on which we should interfere?”.

“We have better things to do,” the apex court orally observed.

At the fag end of hearing, Upadhyay said India has around two per cent land and four per cent water but 20 per cent population of the world.

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