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Last few years #world’sfocus is how to stall #globalwarming. In pursuit of #development plenty of #forests are #destroyed and now the #ecologicalbalance has gone for a #toss. Man’s greed and not wanting to think about #futuregeneration, the #nature is on the #deteriorationpath. Similar message is given in the newly #releasedfilm #Bhediya. The film also talks about the #NorthEastregion #population being neglected and considered #‘Chinky’ (slang for Chinese). Film’s line ‘Hindi acchi aanese koi jyada indian nahi ban jata’, says a lot about that region’s plight and hurt they feel for being considered outsiders. Well Bhediya is much more than that. It’s #thrilling, #suspenseful and #comicallyentertaining. #DirectorAmarKaushik who has earlier given us #Stree and #Bala, this time around plays around a #famousfable of North east.

Bhaskar (Varun Dhawan) a young guy wants to build his future by constructing road in north east forest. He is not bothered if it’ll harm the nature as he wants to earn sufficiently, and for that he uses any means to achieve that. He travels to Arunachal Pradesh with his cousin Janardan (Abhishek Banerjee). Ferociously Indian and patriotic Jomin (Paalin Kadak), a local, wants to help Bhaskar in his endeavour. While roaming in jungle Bhaskar get bitten by a wolf and he turns into Vishanu. There’s a folklore in the area that if, on a full moon, a wolf bites a man, he turns into a werewolf, the locals call it Vishanu. He’s taken to Anika (Kriti Sanon), who is a veterinary doctor, to avoid locals getting a whiff of that. Just like in a Hollywood film The Wolf Man, Bhaskar start killing people, though corrupt ones. One thing leads to another and wolf’s love story ends with a couple of social messages thrown in.

The setting of the story seems novel and the writers have tried to give something new, at least for the hindi film watching viewers. Writer Niren Bhatt has successfully weaved social messages in the story without being preachy. Issues around deforestation, climate change and stereotyping the northeast are cleverly included. The dialogues are the high point of the film. Dialogues like ‘Poora north east tumhe Shaolin Temple lagta hai’ say a lot. One liners from Abhishek Bannerjee are witty and collect laughs. Even Deepak Dobriyal creates some fun moments along with Varun Dhawan and others. References to Mithun Chakraborty, Himesh Reshamiya, Tiger shroff, Anil Kapoor etc create laughs.

Varun Dhawan’s Wolf Man is believable. He runs through the character very sincerely. The witty one liners from him too are entertaining. Kriti Sanon does well in whatever little screen time she has been allotted. Frankly she’s been wasted in the film. Saurabh Shukla, Deepak Dobriyal, debutant Paalin Kadak lend good support. But Abhishek Bannerjee is highlight of the film and his one liners are extremely funny. Director Amar Kaushik has done well but he doesn’t go beyond Stree.

Bhediya has a novel subject and is moderately entertains.




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