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#PrateekSharma’s #StudioLSD is all geared up for their #upcomingshow #RabbSeHaiDua. The love story goes on air soon from 28th #November onwards. #Actor #SaarvieOmana, who plays the role of #Kaynaat in the show, talks about her #character. She also #praises the #storyline and shares being #“happytohavebaggedthepart”.

“When I heard the title, the first thing that came to my mind is that any dua or blessing is connected to rabb that is God. So, the girl around whom this story is based is a blessing of God, that is she belongs to that supreme power. Secondly, I think whoever we pray to, we always feel the almighty’s blessing. The title resonates that feeling as well,” she says.
Saarvie’s Kaynaat is a very studious girl and can’t say ‘no’ to anyone. “She is a dusky and therefore facing several issues, especially when it comes to her marriage. All these have made her a little under confident and she isn’t able to connect much with the outside world. She spends most of her time studying and with her family. She is very close to her brother, sister-in-law and other family members. I relate to Kaynaat because even I can’t say no to anyone who needs help. Also, I am a typical family girl,” she adds.

Urdu is a very beautiful language. Agreeing that the language is classy and rich, the actor says, “I love the lehza in which they talk. It is difficult to get that exact lehza in your normal life but it was a little easy for me because I loved reading shayaris since I was a child. And, for a long time I’ve been watching Pakistani dramas. But still I had to work on my diction, expression and get the right pronunciation.”

Saarvie praises the production team, especially Prateek for his kindness and support.“I have never seen such a sweet person who greets you with so much respect and with a big smile on his face. He has a very positive aura around him. Working with Studio LSD is love, each and everyone one here is sweet, it feels like a family. They are very professional, patient and cool headed,” shares the actor, who has also done projects such as Prem Bandhan and Dharm Yoddha Garud.

The actor is very fond of Pankaj Tripathi sir. “I find his acting very natural. I personally believe in natural acting and can’t be overdramatic on screen. I like the calmness and pauses he takes in between the dialogues. He is amazing,” she explains.

The TV industry has evolved a lot over the years. “I think people are now welcoming leads having dusky complexions and are coming up with such topics that suit them. Secondly, makers are also making different stories which are based on elderly couples. Writers are doing very well must be celebrated,” she says.

Daily soap means a lot of hardwork and patience. “Yes, you have to be on your toes all the time, being patient is the key. As an actor we live two different lives, both reel and real. So to maintain that character and yourself at the same time or to switch from one to another, one should remain patient and focused,” adds Saarvie.

Ask if she thinks having an alternate career option is important these days as there’s a lot of competition in showbiz and Saarvie answers in positive.

“For sure you should always have a back-up plan so that you can earn your bread and butter. But acting requires a lot of time because there is so much to learn. For me I’m my own competition. The day you start performing better than yourself that day you will have what you want. So, I think you should keep a back-up plan but also give your best here till the time you want to switch. Till then try harder to get what you desire,” she ends.



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