Noida Police Responds To Viral Video Of Couple Spitting Water Into Each Other’s Mouth At Ved Van Park

On Thursday, Noida Police responded to a viral video from the city’s Ved Van Park showing a girlfriend-boyfriend duo drinking water by spitting it into each other’s mouths. Taking cognisance of the disgusting act displayed on the public premises, the police informed people that necessary action would be taken against the couple.

Noida Police Responds To Viral Video

DCP Noida took to X and said that the cyber cell is looking forward to identifying and taking appropriate action on the two reel creators. The official directed the respective police station to look into the matter and asked the Station In-Charge of Noida Sector 113 to keep a vigilant eye on such cases.

Video Shows Couple’s Vulgar Act In Vedic-Themed Park

A video showing the couple performing a vulgar act in Noida’s Vedic-themed garden went viral on social media recently. It captured the girlfriend spitting water into the male partner’s mouth, followed by the man throwing it back into her mouth. They exchanged the water in a sensual way before consuming it.

The incident took place in broad daylight amidst women and children visiting the public place. Also, as the park had a religious significance, the video resulted in an outrage on the internet. Netizens condemned the act and claimed it to disturb the sanctity and purity of the garden, asking the police to take strict action in this regard.

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