Modi faces no-confidence vote over Manipur conflict

India is burning, opposition says

Manipur conflict, “If Manipur is burning, India is burning. If Manipur is divided, India is divided,” Congress lawmaker Gaurav Gogoi said two days ago on the opening day of the debate on the no-confidence motion.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi told parliament that the army should have been able to stop the violence already. But despite the presence of troops, violence has festered for over three months.

Gandhi, who returned to parliament after being reinstated as a lawmaker this week, called for the firing of the state government run by Modi’s Hindu nationalist BJP.

Minister of Home Affairs, Amit Shah, said Wednesday the government was deeply concerned about the violence in Manipur, which he described as a “dance of fury.”

He rejected the opposition party’s demand to fire the state’s top elected leader, Biren Singh, who belongs to his party.


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