Heated Exchange Between BJP Leaders & AAP MLAs In Delhi Legislative Assembly

New Delhi, August 17: A heated exchange occurred between BJP leaders and AAP MLAs in Delhi Legislative Assembly on the second day of the special session after BJP MLA Vijender Gupta said that when he speaks, the minister (Saurabh Bhardwaj) fears, hence he should sit quietly with his mouth taped shut.

“Put tape on your mouth and sit,” Gupta said. This led to a heated argument as Deputy Speaker Rakhi Birla asked him to take back his words. She said that this was not an appropriate way to speak. After a few minutes of uproar, Gupta said that he was taking back his words. Birla then requested Gupta to ensure that he doesn’t disrupt the speaking time allotted.

Gupta stated regarding the formation of the Petitions Committee that its composition was not fair. “There should be at least one opposition member in each committee. In some committees, not a single opposition member has been deliberately included,” Gupta said.

Referring to a report, he mentioned that the committee discussed three issues in the Assembly: the first being the OPD counter in government hospitals, the second being the old age pension, and the third being the community clinic. Two of these issues are related to Minister Saurabh Bhardwaj, while the matter of the old age pension is linked to Raghav Chadha.

He was speaking on these issues when a controversy erupted on his remarks. Meanwhile, the special session of the Delhi Assembly has been extended for one more day.

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