Fresh blast reported near Golden Temple, 3rd such incident in a week

Punjab: Loud sound near Golden Temple in Amritsar prompts probe for possible explosion | Screengrab/ANI

The Punjab Police are investigating a loud sound that was heard near Sri Guru Ram Dass Niwas, a lodge located in the vicinity of the Golden Temple in Amritsar, in the early hours of Thursday.

According to Commissioner of Police Naunihal Singh, there is a possibility that the sound, heard around 12.15-12.30 am, was the result of an explosion. “It’s being verified and is yet to be confirmed,” he told reporters. “We have found some pieces behind the building. But since it is dark we are trying to find out.”

Police investigate loud sound heard near Sri Guru Ram Dass Niwas

The oldest lodge in the city, Sri Guru Ram Dass Niwas is a popular destination for visitors to the Golden Temple. As soon as the loud sound was heard, police personnel and forensic team members rushed to the site of the incident to investigate. The suspects are being rounded up and the probe is ongoing.

Possibility of explosion While the cause of the loud sound has not been officially confirmed, the police are treating it as a potential explosion. This comes after recent twin blasts in the city.

Twin blasts in Amritsar

Two minor blasts occurred in the holy city’s Heritage Street near Golden Temple last week which left the Punjab Police in a state of confusion.

The first blast happened on Saturday night near a sweet shop, causing minor injuries to a person. The second explosion took place in the same area but on the opposite side of the street.

The police are investigating the incidents and trying to determine the cause of the blasts. The recent explosions have caused concern among locals, and security has been increased in the area.

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