Congress poses seven questions for govt to answer

The Congress party on Wednesday raised concerns over the cost of India’s acquisition of Predator drones from the United States, claiming that the country is paying more than other nations. According to the party, other countries acquired the same drones for less than four times India’s price.

As per media reports, India has entered into a deal to purchase 31 Predator drones for approximately $3 billion, equivalent to around Rs 25,000 crore, which implies that each drone costs Rs 880 crore. Besides coming out with a statement alleging the outdated tech was being purchased for four times the price, the Congress party also raised seven crucial questions for the government to answer.

The questions posed to the government include why there was no cabinet committee on security meeting to approve the drone deal. Why is India paying more than the price for a drone, as compared to other countries, why are we paying the highest price for a drone which does not have AI integration? When the air force had reservations about the skyrocketing prices of these drones, then what was the tiering hurry to have a deal? Indeed, it would have happened post negotiations of the pricing, and other technical specifications, including an AI integration.

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