Congress (110) emerges as single largest party, BJP (88) lags behind; JDS (24) may become kingmaker in hung assembly situation

As the clock struck 6 PM, voting for the Karnataka assembly elections 2023 came to a close. With a keen interest in the election results, news channels geared up for the live exit polls to predict the possible outcome.

All major exit poll agencies have carried out surveys for TV News channels. In majority of these surveys, the Congress party is seen emerging as the single largest party in the southern state, where as the ruling BJP is seen lagging behind. JD(S) is poised to become a kingmaker in case of a hung assembly in the final results.

The FPJ has done a poll of all exit polls and come out with the following numbers. These are not exclusive numbers of any survey but an average of all exit polls.

Poll of Exit Polls: (Mean of all exit polls)

INC: 110

BJP: 88

JD(S): 24

Others: 2

Below are the results of all major exit poll surveys.

Important Exit Polls

1) India Today- Axis My India:

As per Axis My India Exit Poll survey, the Congress is predicted to get 43% vote share, whereas the BJP is projected to garner 35% votes. JD(S) could get a vote share of 16% as per this poll.

Seat projection:

INC: 122-140

BJP: 62-80

JDS: 20-25

OTH: 0-3

2) ABP C- Voter:

According to the ABP C-Voter survey, the Indian National Congress will get 41% votes, while the ruling BJP will have to settle at 38% vote share. The JDS, as per this poll, will get 15% votes.

Seat projection:

INC – 100-112

BJP – 83-95

JD(S) – 21-29

OTH – 2-6

3) Zee News Matrize predictions:

As per Zee News- Matrize Exit Poll, the Congress will score 41% votes in the election as the BJP lags at 36% votes. The JDS is projected to get 17% votes as per this poll.

Seat projection:

INC: 103-118

BJP: 79-94

JDS: 25-33

OTH: 2-5

4) TV9 Bharatvarsh-Polstrat predictions:

INC: 99-109

BJP: 88-98

JD(S): 21-26

OTH: 0-4

5) P-Marq-Republic:

INC: 94-108

BJP: 85-100

JDS: 24-32

Others: 2-6

6) Jan Ki Baat:

INC: 91-106

BJP: 94-117

JDS: 14-24

OTH: 0-2

7) India TV-CNX:

INC: 115

BJP: 85

JDS: 22

Others: 2

8) Times Now-ETG:

INC: 113

BJP: 85

JDS: 23

Others: 3

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