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Archana Agarwal, Co-Founder & CEO, Joonify

Remember when coding suddenly became the talk of the playground? It seemed like overnight, every parent was signing their kids up for coding classes. But not every child dreams in algorithms and computer languages. Some may thrive with paints and canvases, others with numbers, and some with the simple magic of a well-spun story.

In the rush to keep our children at the forefront, it’s easy to forget that keeping up with the neighbors’ kids isn’t the key to our children’s success. It’s like this: if little Joey next door is a piano prodigy, forcing your own child to tinkle the ivories isn’t going to turn them into Mozart if their heart just isn’t in it. 

The Myth of Keeping Up — Why More Isn’t Always Better

When kids are pushed into activities they don’t enjoy, they don’t shine, and that spark of learning dims. That’s not just opinion; it’s what many parents and educators see time and again.

Take it from someone who’s seen the light. The new education policy is about realizing that our kids aren’t cookie-cutter samplings. They’re individuals, each with their own quirks, interests, and dreams. 

It works like this. Instead of a classroom full of future engineers and doctors, picture one where each student dives into learning that fits them just right—whether it’s astronomy or ancient history. That’s where personalized learning comes in. It’s an approach that says every child’s education should be as unique as their fingerprint.

The truth is, discovering what a child loves, what they’re good at, should start early. Think of it as planting a garden of talents. The earlier you find the right seeds—in this case, a child’s interests—the better you can nurture them into full bloom. For instance, Sachin Tendulkar, not on a cricket field, but sitting in an accounting class he cared nothing about. He may never have become the master blaster we revere today.

Tailoring Education to Fit Every Child

So, what parents and guardians need isn’t a crystal ball to see the future, but a little faith. It’s trading in the anxiety-driven FOMO for a calm trust in our children’s natural curiosity and their right to a tailored education. Let’s channel our drive to do right by our kids into helping them explore their unique paths.

The message is clear: let’s not wait for a career crisis in ninth grade to figure out who they want to be. The journey starts now. By aligning their present explorations with their natural inclinations, we’re not only preparing them to succeed—we’re setting them up to be happy, too.

So, next time we feel that tug of FOMO as we hear about the latest trend sweeping through the schoolyard, let’s remember that our kids aren’t missing out—they’re just on a different adventure, one that honors their individuality and where the endgame is joy in learning and in life.

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How Can We Help?

We can start small. Have conversations with your children, discover what lights up their eyes, and creates that spark. 

Then foster it, guide it, and watch as it grows into a flame that propels them through life. This is the true antidote to FOMO: facilitating a journey of self-discovery for our kids, grounded in faith in their unique talents, and leading to accomplishment and contentment that are both profound and personal. 

Your child doesn’t need to ride the wave of every passing fad, they need the support to sail their own course—a course that’s just as worthy, rewarding, and bursting with potential. After all, the goal isn’t to clone the genius next door but to cultivate the genius within.

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