BJP and RSS targeting the weak but running away from the strong

Indian immigrants, he said, had made the country proud not because they have achieved professional and material success in foreign countries, but because they have demonstrated abroad what Indian values really are. “The real reason you made us proud is because you respect the people you live with, you respect the different cultures, you respect the fact that you are living in England, you listen to their perspective, you embrace their perspective, you tell them about our perspective and in that way, both groups of people improve and do better… you have shown what an actual Indian person should be doing…. living peacefully, affectionately with respect, listening to other people, learning from other people and teaching other people what we know,” he went on to add.

The media back in India, he said, were full of Bollywood, cricket and glamour but paid scant attention to problems of rising unemployment, price-rise and growing inequality and violence in society. Another issue about which nobody speaks in India, he said, was the violence that Indian women face. “It’s a hidden issue; nobody speaks about it,” he added, though the fact is that women are afraid of walking on the street.

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