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#Mumbai’smotto has always been #’ChaltaHai’ and so far it was working just fine, or so we thought! People are considered to be less picky here and more welcoming. However, there are many things in #Mumbai where this ‘Chalta hai’ #phenomena is not working anymore. Talking about what works and what does, #AnujSachdeva says that Mumbai has taught him a lot.

“I think in Mumbai, it’s always said ‘Chalta Hai’ for everything and that’s the beauty of acceptance and the level of tolerance in the people of mumbai. But there are things which go beyond your tolerance level when one has to say ‘Nahi Chalta Hai’! It’s important that you stop accepting them!” says the actor, who was last seen in Woh Toh Hai Albela.

He adds, “One major issue that I feel doesn’t go well is the condition of the roads in the city which everybody can relate to. On an average, a Mumbaiker spends 45 days in the traffic in a year sitting in the vehicle and the biggest reason is the worse condition of the roads in the city and Ironically the BMC Of Maharashtra is known to be the Richest municipality in the world with FD’s of worth 92000 crores in the banks.

Imagine living in mumbai city, the financial hub of the country and you still cannot complete three errands in a day when it comes to travelling from one place to another. Roads are in a terrible state, deteriorating the cars you buy every day and during monsoon two wheelers end up losing their lives in the accidents which should not be taken as Chalta hai. I would request all the authorities and would like to ask them that “if mumbaikars are your own people, keeping them safe should be the first in the priority list. Isnt?”.

I think all the departments in Mumbai should work together to figure out how to improve the road conditions once and for all. For instance imagine even after being a multi-billionaire like Mr Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, one can end up dying on the way to the hospital in an ambulance and that’s very unfortunate.



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